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Our Aims

Hi Everyone! 

We are Custom Studio Action Figure Pro Shop, which provide services for our clients in a retail shop located in Hong Kong since 2010. 

For the new start of 2018, we have set up this Gallery and aims to show you the update information about mainly in 1/6 scale action figures with market rate for your references. Together with some of the clothes and parts which are/were my collections at our shop from the pass to now. Hence let you obtain more ideas about how to custom a figure for your own fun and how much you need to prepare for your budget. You know, these stuff are always not cheap~ 

Once you find any my pass or existing collections feel interested, please let us know by just add those items to the enquiry notes and send it out after finish your browsing. 

We will try our best to serach and assist you to get them by reply you through email. 

If you are our facebook member, you can also inquiry through messager directly after sending us the notes. 

At last but not least, Customer Service is always our first priority for our work and hoping this pure sharing platform can let you have more fun and happiness for having this hobby with us.





我們是Custom Studio 人偶玩具專門店, 自2010年開始提供有關的服務與客戶。

踏入2018年, 隨著百花齊放的人偶時代, 我們希望透過一個獨立的平台提供更有效,更全面的1/6人偶玩具的資訊給與同好者。而且我們亦將過去到現在有過或仍有的1/6 衣服及用品, 套裝或散件, 一些我們認為值得擁有的, 我們都一一放在這個相簿上, 藉此提供一些如何自組人偶及尋找它的樂趣的概念, 另外也提供一些市場上它們的約價給你們參考, 使玩之前也能有更好的預算。畢竟這個也不是便宜的玩意~

除此之外, 當你在瀏覽時對一些項目感興趣, 請將有關之項目加到去我們的ENQUIRY NOTES並於瀏覽結束前發出給我們。我們會透過電郵向你提供搜尋及協助你取得有關物品! 

如果你是我們的面書會員, 當你發過便條後, 你亦可選擇透過MESSAGER 跟我們直接的尋求協助。

最後, 我們只想你知道我們一直都以客戶服務為最優先而重要的。希望日後此純分享用途的平台能提供更多的玩味與大家一起玩上人偶玩具來吧~ 感受更多當中的樂趣!